Aug 31 2009

USFL History – Steve Young Was A Running Back For The Los Angeles Express

Yes, it is true! For one game in his professional career, Steve Young was a running back. He did this for his final game in the USFL with the Los Angeles Express. It took place on the last day of the season in 1985.

Since the LA Express were a “ward” of the USFL League office for the majority of 1985, the team did not have much money after losing their owner (J. William Oldenburg) who owned the Express in 1984. In order to entice a possible new ownership group, the final game in LA Express history – in which Young was the running back – was moved to Pierce College. According to Wikipedia ( the game only drew 8200 fans; and it did not help attract new ownership for the upcoming 1986 fall season.

Of interest, the LA Express also pursued signing Eric Dickerson and Dan Marino out of the class of 1983. Their involvement may be discussed in detail in a future post.

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