Sep 10 2009

USFL Merchandise – USFL Caps

Here is a link to a manufacturer of USFL “retro” caps.  They are designed in today’s styles, and there are some unique caps such as:

  • Jim Kelly # 12 Houston Gamblers caps
  • Gary Anderson # 43 Tampa Bay Bandits caps
  • Craig James # 32 Washington Federals caps
  • Etc.

The site is not well-designed in terms of easily being able to find privacy policies, being able to mail in your order, etc.  So please contact them first before you enter your credit card information.  This site and its owners has no relationship with this link:  The link is being posted because it purports to offer some unique USFL merchandise which has not been seen elsewhere.

Should you have favorable dealings with them then please contact us or leave a comment on this post so that other USFL memorabilia and merchandise collectors can learn about your experiences.

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