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Jun 20 2012

USFL Merchandise On Cafepress

If you like shopping on sites which make print-on-demand merchandise then you might like to know that USFL logo items are now available on one of the major ones.  Click the link on the right-hand side of this page to go to the item which interests you the most; and you can find additional USFL t-shirts, clocks, bags, and other items available.

Please note that this is not official USFL merchandise, and whether or not permission to use the logos was secured is the responsibility of the individual or business which uploaded the logos to the respective “stores” on that site.  The selection is limited as not all former USFL teams are available, and the teams listed do not necessarily have all of the items available to purchase.



Click this link to get USFL T-Shirts and other t-shirts from the 1980's

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