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Apr 02 2013

In Memory – Jack Pardee extends its condolences to the family and friends of former Houston Gamblers head coach Jack Pardee.  He lost a battle with gall bladder cancer yesterday.

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Dec 22 2012

USFL Trivia – Billy Sims Contract Issue

Here is another unique piece of running back signing-related USFL trivia:  With which USFL team did running back Billy Sims have a signed contract even though he was playing in the NFL?


The Houston Gamblers,3985362

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Dec 01 2012

USFL Trivia – Only Teams To Play Home Games In A Dome Stadium

Here is a quick USFL trivia question:  Which USFL teams were the only ones to play home games in a domed (indoor) stadium?


Houston Gamblers (1984-1985)

Michigan Panthers (1983-1984)

New Orleans Breakers (1984)

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Nov 17 2012

USFL Trivia – Whose Franchise Rights Were Bought To Form The Houston Gamblers

Here is a USFL trivia question not often discussed amongst hardcore USFL fans:  Whose franchise rights were purchased to form the 1984 Houston Gamblers?

USFL founder, David Dixon, had his franchise rights purchased after the 1983 season.  The ownership group then used those rights to form the Houston Gamblers.

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Nov 05 2012

Jim Kelly Talks About His Time With The USFL Houston Gamblers

This is a video clip of Jim Kelly discussing his time with the Houston Gamblers.  He discusses how he came to Houston, the other teams interested in him and much more:

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Oct 29 2012

Unknown Song Regarding The Houston Gamblers

Here is unknown song dedicated to the USFL Houston Gamblers:

Mar 03 2011

Original USFL Team Information On New USFL Page

The home page of has some solid information about the original USFL teams.  Simply click the helmet of the team on which you want more information.

Jul 29 2010

Houston Gamblers 25 Year Reunion Article

Here is an article from the Houston Chronicle about the 25 year reunion of the Houston Gamblers of the USFL:

The article has some great stories, especially how the team believes that it would have beaten the Houston Oilers of the NFL during the same era.  Jerry Argovitz, part owner of the Gamblers, was quoted as saying that he made a bet with Bud Adams to donate money to the winning team’s owner’s charity of choice.

Enjoy the article as it will give you insight as to how the players felt about their experiences as pro football players

Jul 07 2010

Fantastic Houston Gamblers Resource

If you liked the 1984 and 1985 USFL Houston Gamblers, then you will enjoy a terrific website which has just about everything you could want about the Gamblers.  This includes unique photos, photos from the 2010 Gamblers 25th anniversary reunion (has it been that long?!?), and lots of other USFL-related information.
Be sure to check out:

Apr 24 2010

USFL Team Sticker – Houston Gamblers

USFL Teams - Houston Gamblers

USFL Teams - Houston Gamblers

Here is an image of the bumper sticker for the Houston Gamblers, a team which played in the USFL from 1984 to 1985.

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