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Dec 03 2012

Heisman Trophy Winners Involved With The USFL

USFL Trivia Question

How many Heisman Trophy winners were involved in some capacity with the USFL?


5, although 6 could be claimed with the notes listed below:

Steve Spurrier (Coach – Tampa Bay Bandits)

Archie Griffin (Jacksonville Bulls)

Billy Sims (legal issue, signed w/ Houston Gamblers but never played):

Herschel Walker (New Jersey Generals)

Mike Rozier (Pittsburgh Maulers)

Doug Flutie (New Jersey Generals)

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Sep 26 2011

Doug Flutie and Herschel Walker Autographed New Jersey Generals Helmet

Here is a link to an autographed USFL New Jersey Generals helmet featuring autographs from Doug Flutie and Herschel Walker: has no ties with any seller who offers USFL merchandise or memorabilia.  Please exercise all caution when purchasing any sports memorabilia online, especially autographed merchandise.

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Feb 16 2010

Doug Flutie New Jersey Generals USFL Autograph

Here is a piece of unique USFL memorabilia: an autographed picture from Doug Flutie when he played for the New Jersey Generals in 1985

USFL Doug Flutie New Jersey Generals Autograph

Autograph Of Doug Flutie From The 1985 USFL New Jersey Generals

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Sep 12 2009

1986 USFL Article With Quotes From Walker, Flutie, And Kelly

It is always interesting to go back in time and read the actual quotes and sentiments of the people involved as events were happening. A few days after the 1986 anti-trust suit judgement between the NFL and USFL resulted in the $1 ($3) verdict, Sports Illustrated talked with many of the USFL personnel in an article. It includes quotes from Herschel Walker, Doug Flutie, and Jim Kelly:

Of interest are Jim Kelly’s quotes about not wanting to play in Buffalo and how he wanted his top 3 receivers from the Houston Gamblers to join him in Buffalo if he had to play there. He even wanted Mouse Davis as offensive coordinator!

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Sep 06 2009

Controversy About 1985 USFL Doug Flutie Draft Pick

Here is a Los Angeles Times article about Doug Flutie being drafted by the New Jersey Generals in 1985:

What was not covered, however, was the fact that the Portland Breakers could have been entitled to Doug Flutie’s rights.  Due to an oversight on the USFL’s part (depending to whom you listen), the Breakers had Flutie’s rights stemming from the 1983 Boston Breakers.  Here is why:

The USFL constructed a “territorial” draft process whereby teams would have “protected” colleges from whom they could draft.  It was designed that way to keep geographic interest in the franchise.  Boston College, where Flutie went to school, was under the “territorial” protection of the 1983 Boston Breakers.  When the team ultimately ended up in Portland in 1985, the colleges to whom the Breakers had territorial rights in the draft had not yet changed.

Even though a Northeast college would have no geographic impact on the Portland franchise, the Breakers believed that they still had exclusive rights to Doug Flutie.  How this was resolved is not widely known, and there are conflicting stories about the resolution.   If any of you have official documentation about the resolution then post a comment and/or send the information to the e-mail address you find on the contact page.

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