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Jan 05 2014

Wild Stories About The San Antonio Gunslingers

If you haven’t read this article about the San Antonio Gunslingers and some of the stories about player life behind the scenes then take a moment to read this:

It talks about how local fans brought the players food, having to race to get their paychecks, and almost not playing (often with a lone deciding vote being the difference).  There also is a story about the team’s flight not taking off after a road game because the owner failed to pay for the flight.

Hopefully you will get a few laughs from this one as there are quotes from:

  • Putt Choate
  • Rick Neuheisel
  • Rich Garza
  • Billy Schott
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Jun 23 2013

Of The 1983 USFL Teams, Which 2 Never Made The Playoffs Any Season

USFL Trivia Question

Of the original 12 teams in the 1983 USFL season, which two teams never made any of the USFL playoffs (1983-1985) before either the team folded or the league folded?

Boston Breakers

Washington Federals

All of the other 10 teams (Arizona Wranglers, Birmingham Stallions, Chicago Blitz, Denver Gold, Los Angeles Express, Michigan Panthers, New Jersey Generals, Oakland Invaders, Philadelphia Stars, and Tampa Bay Bandits) made the playoffs at least once during their existence between 1983-1985.

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Jun 09 2013

USFL Trivia – Who Scored Points To End Regulation Before 3 OT Game

USFL Trivia Question

The 1984 Michigan Panthers-LA Express playoff game was the only pro football game to go into 3 overtimes, with the Express winning 27-21 on a Mel Gray rushing touchdown (where he broke his arm at the end of the run).  The Express tied the game 21-21 with less than a minute to go in regulation.  Which two players scored the points (touchdown and conversion) to tie the game?


Kevin Nelson (touchdown)

Steve Young (rushing 2-point conversion)

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Apr 28 2013

First Loss In USFL Stars History

USFL Trivia Question

The Philadelphia Stars/Baltimore Stars franchise participated in all 3 USFL championships, winning the last two titles (1984 and 1985).  To which team was their first regular season loss in 1983?


The Stars lost at home in Week 4 of the 1983 season to the Tampa Bay Bandits (27-22).

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Jan 05 2013

USFL Trivia – Last USFL Player To Retire From Pro Football

Here is a fun piece of USFL trivia to impress your friends:  Of all the players who played in the USFL from 1983 to 1985, which player was the last to retire from pro football?

Sean Landeta, who was the punter for the Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars from 1983 to 1985.  He retired from the NFL in March 2008.  Interestingly, he retired on roughly the 25th anniversary of his first USFL game:

Dec 29 2012

1985 Jacksonville Bulls With RBs Totaling 3 Heisman Trophies

Here is a fun piece of USFL trivia:  The 1985 Jacksonville Bulls had running backs with a combined 3 Heisman Trophies between them.  Who were they?


Mike Rozier (1984 winner)

Archie Griffin (1974 and 1975 winner)

Dec 22 2012

USFL Trivia – Billy Sims Contract Issue

Here is another unique piece of running back signing-related USFL trivia:  With which USFL team did running back Billy Sims have a signed contract even though he was playing in the NFL?


The Houston Gamblers,3985362

Dec 08 2012

USFL Trivia – Press Conference Location For USFL League Formation

Here is an oft-forgotten piece of USFL trivia:  Where was the location of the1982  press conference which announced that the USFL was formed and would begin play in 1983?


The 21 Club in New York City/Manhattan

Oct 10 2012

Second Underclassman To Sign With USFL

After the 1983 Herschel Walker signing by the New Jersey Generals, which created a sports media firestorm due to the concern of underclassmen leaving college early for pro football, the USFL decided to implement a ban against future underclassmen signings.   This week’s trivia question is:  Which USFL player ended up beating the ban to become the second underclassman to sign with the USFL?

Bob Boris, a punter who signed with the 1984 Oklahoma Outlaws.  He dropped two punt snaps in his debut and was released from the team days later.

Sep 29 2012

USFL Collector Shows Part Of Collection On YouTube

Earlier this year, a USFL fan showed some of his collection of items sent by the teams and league.  Here is the video:

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