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Oct 26 2012

Paint Specs To Match USFL Team Colors

Here is an interesting aspect of pro football teams you do not often see:  the paint spec colors for each USFL team’s helmet and jersey colors.  Take a look at this and you have to give credit to the researchers for making a valiant attempt:

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Sep 22 2012

Unique Aspects Of USFL Helmets

If you enjoyed the football helmets and helmet decals of the 1980’s USFL, this link may be of interest:

It gives some very specific differences between helmet variations for the United States Football League teams.  Some of the differences are pretty subtle; and they were not instantly recognized by the fans of the day.

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Sep 26 2011

Doug Flutie and Herschel Walker Autographed New Jersey Generals Helmet

Here is a link to an autographed USFL New Jersey Generals helmet featuring autographs from Doug Flutie and Herschel Walker: has no ties with any seller who offers USFL merchandise or memorabilia.  Please exercise all caution when purchasing any sports memorabilia online, especially autographed merchandise.

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Jul 07 2010

Fantastic Houston Gamblers Resource

If you liked the 1984 and 1985 USFL Houston Gamblers, then you will enjoy a terrific website which has just about everything you could want about the Gamblers.  This includes unique photos, photos from the 2010 Gamblers 25th anniversary reunion (has it been that long?!?), and lots of other USFL-related information.
Be sure to check out:

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Mar 12 2010

LA Express Pin + Steve Young’s Mom

A special thanks goes to Mrs. Young, Steve Young’s mom, for giving me this pin from the Los Angeles Express when she was teaching junior high school. She knew that I was a huge USFL fan, so she gave this to me one day after class:

Los Angeles Express - LA Express Pin Image

Pin Of The USFL Los Angeles Express

If you want LA Express or other USFL memorabilia then start your search by clicking any of the items listed in the eBay listings below:

Sep 21 2009

Change In Pittsburgh Maulers Logo

If you followed the USFL in 1984, a subtle change took place during the middle of the season.  The Pittsburgh Maulers had to change their helmet logo/decal supposedly due to the fact that the orange/purple “Mauler” logo was difficult to see on TV.  At some point in the season the old logo was replaced with a logo that had a white outline around the “Mauler” on the decal.

Here are the differences:

Old logo:

Changed logo:

If anyone from the Maulers or USFL offices ever finds this post then please leave a comment on the specifics of when/why the exact change was made.  Thanks in advance!

Sep 17 2009

Now This Is A USFL Memorabilia Fan!

If you are considering collecting USFL memorabilia and merchandise due to its scarcity then take note of this fan! Evidently, he has taken USFL memorabilia collecting to a new level. Just a quick glance of the photos will show you that he has some unique items which may be difficult, if not impossible, to find on the open market.

Sep 16 2009

Another Resource For USFL Helmets

Here is another website which does a good job of detailing the USFL helmets from all of the seasons.  No mentions of any changes to helmet designs for the 1986 Fall season are made; and any such changes are suspect depending on which sources of information you read.

Sep 13 2009

USFL Helmets Analysis

Here is a terrific website which breaks down the changes in the helmets used by USFL teams, including season-by-season changes.  It also shows the intra-season intricacies such as when the 1984 Pittsburgh Maulers added a white outline to their helmets during the season to help add clarity for television viewers.

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