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Dec 28 2013

Article From The New York Times About No Retrial

Here is an article from the New York Times about the USFL being denied a retrial to reesolve the $1 award from the jury for compensation regarding the NFL being a monopoly.

Here is the later article about the NFL needing to pay the USFL’s legal fees:

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May 12 2013

USFL Trivia – League Director Of Operations

USFL Trivia Question

Who served as the United States Football League’s Director of Operations through the 1986?


Peter Hadhazy

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Apr 22 2012

New USFL To Be A Minor League In 2013

In recent weeks there has been much discussion about the possibility of bringing back the USFL in 2013 as a minor league football league, to be played in the spring.  According to several articles, Jim Steeg and Jamie Cuadra will be leading the league and helping it get off the ground.

Here are the articles of interest:

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Aug 09 2010

USFL Founder Passes Away

David Dixon, the founder and creator of the USFL, passed away this week at the age of 87:

Back in 2002 I had a chance to talk with him for over an hour in his art gallery in New Orleans.  His hospitality and willingness to talk with a virtual stranger about the USFL will not be forgotten. expresses our deepest condolences to the Dixon family and his friends and those in his business during this time.

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Mar 26 2010

Chet Simmons – First USFL Commissioner – Passes Away

Chet Simmons was the first commissioner of the USFL when the league was announced in 1982. He then held the position until after the 1984 USFL season when he was replaced by Harry Usher. He passed away late this week at the age of 81.

Our condolences go out to his family, friends, and colleagues throughout the sports and television industries. Here are two clips about Chet Simmons from ESPN:

On a personal note, when doing a college research project on the USFL years ago I was able to track down Chet Simmons.  Yes, this was before the internet was widely available!

He was gracious to answer my questions and I found out that when he was the USFL commissioner that he lived about 2 miles from where I did.  We shared stories about the neighborhood as well as the USFL and was gracious with his time to a complete stranger.

Those who were involved with the USFL had lots of good things to say about him, and wishes Chet’s family all of our prayers during this time.

Mar 20 2010

1985 USFL Team And League Directory

Here is a unique piece of USFL history: the team and league directory for 1985. Check out the addresses and phone numbers of the USFL teams which played that year:

1985 USFL Team Directory Sheet

1985 USFL Team Directory Sheet

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Sep 15 2009

USFL History On ESPN October 2009

In the next few weeks a new documentary will be aired on ESPN called “Who Killed The USFL?”  Here is the link to more information:

Sep 04 2009

1987 Review Of The $1 League – The Rise And Fall Of The USFL

Here is a 1987 New York Times review of “The $1 League: The Rise and Fall Of The USFL”:

It is not a favorable review of the book.  Nonetheless at the time you have to remember the New York Times’ influence with its sports section and its affinity for the NFL.  In future posts, items stories mentioned in Jim Byrne’s book will be analyzed.  For now, if you wish to purchase a copy of the book then start your search on by visiting the link below:

The $1 League, The Rise and Fall of the USFL

Sep 02 2009

2006 Article On Piece Of Rare USFL Memorabilia

Here is an article from the USA Today (2006) about the uncashed check which Steve Erhart holds (as of 2006) from the USFL-NFL lawsuit:

It talks about the market for USFL memorabilia and merchandise, and it gives some great quotes about the early days of the USFL.

Sep 01 2009

Did You Know That The USFL Had Its Origin In The 1960’s?

It’s true! The United States Football League had its origin in the 1960’s when David Dixon, the USFL’s founder, decided to pursue a NFL franchise for the city of New Orleans. In fact, Walter O’Malley and the Anheuser-Busch group were approached. Even the legendary Paul Brown had input on the concept of the USFL!

Here are two articles of interest about the “1960’s” vision which later became the USFL of the 1980’s:

If these articles bring back great memories then take the next step and click the links below for USFL-related merchandise:

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